In addition to our know how in the special electrical cables field, we are also able to provide the following services.

European business industrial intermediary and consulting

As European industrial intermediaries and consultants, we provide the following services to German, English, French and Italian speaking companies:
    • Market research and targeted potential client identification
    • Supplier research and identification
    • Contact and customer/supplier visits organisation
    • Regular activity customer/supplier reporting
    • Technical translation and interpretation English/German/French/Italian
    • Technical assistance to your lawyer in case of contentious disagreement

We can provide a wide array of services, do not hesitate to contact us.
We will study your needs and present an offer for your consideration.

Industrial and commercial agent

At the same time as this activity, we are able to assist you as sales representative.

For instance companies involved in the hydraulic market (pumps and components) already trust us as sales representative.

For some types of special cables and according to the type of markets we are only offering services as sales representative.

Special electrical cables

For these special electrical cables, Repcotec provides the following services:
    • The design and development
    • Production through our partners in accordance with our specifications and our client’s requirements
    • Storage in our availability in our company warehouse or direct delivery to our clients
    • Manufacturing
    • Logistics and distribution organisation

After initial delivery, storage in our warehouse guarantees to our clients availability, high flexibility and delivery efficiency.




We assume all the storage risk without previous order to ensure the maximal delivering flexibility.

Drum and Hose reel for cables